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Duct Cleaning Services

KC Air Duct Cleaning offers a variety of vent and duct related cleaning services to help you maintain your home or business and a comfortable atmosphere.

Why have my ducts cleaned?

Debris inside Dirty Air Duct
When your home or business was constructed, the vents were likely left off until the very end.  

This means at the end of the day before the boss showed up someone likely swept a bunch of trash into the open vents to "clean" up their area.  

In most cases, once the vent covers are on, the contractor never expects anyone to notice the trash they left behind.  

On some of the jobs we've serviced, we've found everything from packs of cigarettes and wood scraps among the dust and muck in the vents.


In one extreme case, we found a dirty diaper in the vents that had been stuck there for no telling how long.  

Add in the amount of dirt, dust, and allergens that your homes heating and cooling system brings in and you have a recipe for misery.  

Indoor air can be some of the most polluted air we breathe, and it can be even worse when you have allergies and pets in the home.  

Their hair and dander can end up trapped in the vents blowing out into your home day after day as you suffer looking for answers and relief that never quite lasts.


Duct cleaning helps address the cause of these contaminants to your homes air and removes many of the things that can make your home smell, or aggravates your allergy symptoms.  

How much does duct cleaning cost?

Duct cleaning usually runs about $300 for a small home and $500 for a larger home.  

Beware of bargain duct cleaners that offer specials that sound too good to pass up.  

To do the job properly takes time and effort as a proper duct cleaning includes an inspection, removing vent covers and cleaning them, dislodging buildup in your vents, and vacuuming out the debris before replacing the vent covers.  

We've even seen customers that thought they got a great deal on their last duct cleaning only to find the vent covers were painted over and remained undisturbed telling us they never even got the service they paid for!  

Any reputable duct cleaning company will gladly do an inspection of your ducts before doing the job so you can see the cleaning is necessary and will also show you the result so you know you're getting what they've been paid for.  

If the company balks at either the before or after inspection, don't walk away-run!  

This is a surefire sign you either don't need their service, or they didn't do what they claimed to do.

Pictured below is an example of a very dirty duct cleaning our expert Holly cleaned.

She was kind enough to share photos with us so you can see the gunk lurking in your air ducts just waiting for you to breathe it in.  

Don't be miserable, give us a call today and get that gunk gone!

Want to see more of our work?  Check out our picture gallery and YouTube videos below!  

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